Terms & Conditions



  1. Upon booking, we will request the following details; Name, phone number and address of Establishment as well as, Name and email address of Activities Coordinator Manager.
  2. We will never ask for your bank details.
  3. We collect your data, as you give it to us, so that we can contact you about your booking and enhance your Sally Hall Vocals experience.
  4. Your data gives us the necessary information to find your venue on show day and know who is the best person to contact regarding the booking, payment and feedback after the show!
  5. Your data will not be shared with anyone outside of Sally Hall Vocals.
  6. You have the right at any time to view the data we have linked with your establishment.
  7. You have the right at any time to ask us to delete any details we have linked to your establishment, as long as it is not needed in relation to any outstanding payments or any future bookings.

Photo Permission

  1. During the Experience with Sally Hall Vocals please feel free to take as many photos videos as you would like.
  2. By sharing any photos or videos on social media it gives Sally Hall Vocals the permission to share these on their own social media platforms unless otherwise agreed.
  3. Sally Hall Vocals has the right to take and share photos and videos of their performance provided that there are not any faces, other than their own performers, within the footage without written permission.


  1. Please note that the timing on the booking form will be your show start time.
  2. Performers will always arrive to set up performance space between 15-30 minutes prior to the show start time on your booking form.
  3. In the unlikely event that a performer is not going to make it on time, they will contact your establishment immediately to give you estimated time of arrival.

Booking Confirmation and Payment

1.Booking is confirmed upon your receipt of invoice from Sally Hall Vocals via email. If you require a hard copy these can be posted to you upon special request.

la. A deposit payment of £30 will be due to confirm your booking date, unless agreed otherwise.

  1. Payment is required by agreed terms and invoice due date with Sally Hall Vocals.
  2. If payment is not received by this agreed date we cannot guarantee your slot will remain available.
  3. Payment is to be made via bank transfer.
  4. If payment is made in instalments, final payment of outstanding balance is to paid at latest 48 hours prior to the booking.
  5. Payments can be made by cheque or cash upon special request from the home at point of booking.
  6. Cash Payments: if you have pre arranged with Sally Hall Vocals that you will be paying by cash, normal booking confirmation applies. Cash will then be collected on the day of the performance prior to the show beginning. If you cancel your booking, the same cancellation policies will apply.
  7. Cheque Payments: If you have pre arranged with Sally Hall Vocals that you will be paying by cheque, normal booking confirmation applies. Payment via cheque will then be collected on the day of the performance prior to the show beginning. If you cancel your booking, the same cancellation policies will apply.


  1. There is a £50 Cancellation Fee if the Show is cancelled, by your establishment, less than 1 month prior to the Booking Date.
  2. If the Show is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the booking date, by your establishment, then there is a 100% Cancellation Fee
  3. In the unlikely event that Sally Hall Vocals need to cancel a booking, a rescheduled show will be offered. If a suitably mutual time cannot be found a full refund will be given and the payment of this will be discussed at the time of cancellation.


  1. If required, a Covid Test will be undertaken by the performer Sally Hall Vocals. Due to the schedules of touring theatre, this will be done prior to arriving at your establishment and results can be shared upon arrival. If you require the performer to take a test we need to be made aware at the time of booking.
  2. If your home has any specific regulations; such as mask wearing, 2m distance rule to be upheld during the booking Sally Hall Vocals must be made aware of this at time of booking.
  3. If your home has a Covid Outbreak, you must make us aware by minimum of three hours prior to your show time otherwise normal cancellation policies will apply. We will then do all we can to reschedule this for you.

However, if this is not possible for both parties involved, then you can offer the slot to a sister care home or local care home within an hours drive. If this is not possible then a 50% cancellation fee will apply. Please note we will be as flexible as we can to try and reschedule the show in these circumstances and 50% will only be charged as a last resort when all avenues of rescheduling the show have been explored to cover any costs incurred by Sally all Vocals.

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